The coastal town of Cartagena is an elegant mix of the old vibrantly colorful Spanish colonial buildings and modern-day skyscrapers.

Cartagena is situated in the northern Colombian department of Bolívar on the Caribbean coast. The city was founded by Pedro de Heredia in 1533 and has long been a strategic city in the region. The Spanish soon started building up the city from the original 200 settlers that founded it. Over the years, Cartagena suffered from many attacks and sieges stayed by France, teh US, and the UK. During the Silver Age of the 1700s, Cartagena experienced unprecedented growth from when many of its old colonial buildings were constructed in a mass expansion of the city as immigration skyrocketed. On November 11, 1811, the city declared its independence from Spanish rule and gradually grew into the city it is today. The port of Cartagena has helped money flow into the city allowing it to modernize and continually expand. The modern skyscrapers, business district, and nightlife have blended with old colonial and historical neighborhoods to give the city a charm like no other. From the harbor, there are many boats that are available for hire for excursions to the nearby pristine beaches, and it is also very popular to become a deck hand on a sailboat and sail to one of the many nearby islands or all the way to Panama City.