TBY talks to Kamil Guliyev, General Director of VITTA Scientific Technical Company, on electricity sector.

Which of the technical business areas do you see as the biggest source of growth over the medium term?

At the moment, we anticipate growth in electrical distribution. It is a market where our presence is ensured by our partnership with GE. At the same time, we anticipate growth in measurement & control systems—vital systems for aviation, oil and gas, and construction. The third sector is IT. In these areas, the goal is to develop software systems for tablets and mobile phones, and use those systems for automatization in every field, from healthcare to measurement and control.

What is your role in high-tech education and the medical tourism industry?

Education has always been and will remain one of our primary activities. Regarding medicine, we see our role as providing education to Azerbaijani doctors in order to minimize medical tourist departures. We are building an education center for high technology—the first in Azerbaijan—and it will include medicine as well. It will be an institution of professional development. Thanks to the efforts of the Minister of Health and the government, a lot of excellent technical equipment has been brought to Azerbaijan in recent years. The Ministry of Health sends doctors to study abroad; however, it is impossible to send all of them. We want to contribute to this process.


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