Azerbaijan 2016 | ECONOMY | COMMUNIQUÉ

United Business Media (UBM) Group is a private company with more than 18 years of professional experience, providing services to local and international public and private customers, as well as other non-profit organizations.

The UBM Group has an international presence and offers a wide array of services related to management, business, and marketing consulting services focusing on clients' most critical needs, challenges, and opportunities. It brings value by delivering turnkey 360 degree management solutions targeting the optimization of a company's performance. It offers process and quality management, business optimization, transformation and strategic development, technology and operations, advanced analytics, mergers and acquisitions, sustainability, marketing, communications, and reputation management services across all industries and geographies. As a group of professional consultants and operations experts, it brings profound functional expertise and perspective-capturing value to its clients. UBM Group experts focus on optimal operational and performance management to support and help clients to successfully prepare for, respond to, and recover from critical situations. Alongside management consulting advice, we are one of the country's best providers of marketing, communications, PR, digital communication, media relations, event planning services, and more. UBM enjoys the largest access to resources in its field in the country, providing accurate and efficient solutions to its clients in Azerbaijan and beyond. With an unprecedented amount of international attention given to Azerbaijan as a result of the inaugural European Games in 2015, the spotlight on the country has never been brighter. As the pressure to succeed in the face of this international event was mounting, the UBM Group was trusted with the task of serving as the official exclusive provider for a wide range of marketing, media, PR and communications, branding, hospitality, and other services. When people heard or saw something about the European Games, the UBM Group was likely the silent engineer behind the message, quietly orchestrating this massive event with a level of sophistication reserved only for the most elite of companies. The UBM Group played an integral role in the development and implementation of the strategic plan across all aspects of communications, media, and public relations activity. This included building productive and long-term relations with leading local and international sports and non-sport media, the implementation of a successful social media stream, design, development, and maintenance of the original website, and a completely novel approach for the illumination of the Baku 2015 Torch Relay called “Journey of the Flame.”

Constantly a source of innovation in Azerbaijan, the UBM Group also created and implemented an athlete-oriented social interactive online platform for the European Games called iVillage, which allowed all sportsmen to stay informed about any developments happening in Baku related to the Games or otherwise. It is the unique ability to create novelties such as the iVillage that sets the UBM Group apart from the competition. Whether it is social media or website managing, brand awareness campaigns, or advertising and event organization, the UBM Group has repeatedly shown that it is not only ready to provide excellent services, but that it is also prepared to innovate and customize solutions to fit the needs of any client.

Beyond the reach of most PR and media firms, the UBM Group was also responsible for successfully developing the official logo of the Games. Again proving that the UBM Group offers a wide range of comprehensive services, it was also the engineer of the eye-catching costumes of the parade presentation girls during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games—one of the most memorable touches of the entire event.
The UBM Group was proud to have become the first local company to partner with the main influencers of the European and global sports industry. To this end, the UBM Group has been given many awards for its work, including the “Best use of a Visual Property” award at the Transform European Awards in London for the official logo of the European Games. In addition, UBM Group CEO Ulviyya Mir-Gasimova was presented with the Higher Media Award in recognition of the important role she played in the organizing of the Games. With this, the UBM Group became the first local company to ever receive this prestigious award since it was established by the National Press Council.

Outside of the European Games project, the UBM Group has public and private entities as clients. This work is reflected through organizing events like the Novruz Bayram celebrations in 2014 and 2015, a truly festive time for the people of Baku and guests of the city, which promotes the county's rich traditions, culture, and history. The image of Azerbaijan as one of the top world travel and cultural destinations has always been significantly promoted by the UBM Group. The UBM Group, in cooperation with its international partners, created, managed, and promoted the social media brand BiginBaku. This was a social media initiative dedicated to the 360-degree promotion of the City of Baku, including its beautiful and unique sights, history, architecture, social, and cultural life. Thus, the UMB Group works actively to attract new tourists and visitors to Azerbaijan from all over the world. UBM Group has also provided services to the Administration of President of Azerbaijan in organizing the fourth Baku Energy Summit in 2008, and by organizing the exhibition devoted to the 85th Anniversary of Heydar Aliyev, and more. Responsible for the effective and intelligent PR and communications regime in a country thrust into the international eye, the UBM Group is ready to help Azerbaijan succeed.