TBY talks to Fariz Muradov, Director of Inter Glass, on meeting demand for glass bottles in Russia and Georgia, as well as operations and strategies geared toward the local market.

Fariz Muradov
Fariz Muradov completed his education at the University of Construction and Civil Engineering with a specialization in Industrial and Civil Engineering. He also attended the Aviation Academy, with a focus on the organization of air transportation. He has been the Director of Inter Glass since 2004.

What is the history of Inter Glass in Azerbaijan?

Inter Glass was launched in December 2008 at a ceremony that was attended by President Ilham Aliyev.

How would you describe the current operations of Inter Glass in Azerbaijan, and what is its size in terms of regional competition?

At present, the Inter Glass plant is one of the largest glass-producing companies in the Caucasus region. The company operates specialized modern equipment manufactured in Europe. The enterprise has two production lines, and each of them has a capacity ranging from 100,000 to 120,000 glass containers, while the total production capacity of the enterprise is 80 million-85 million units of glass a year. To date, the company has developed and produced more than 70 types of bottles.

What strategies have allowed Inter Glass to become the market leader in the Caucasus region?

We have mastered the technology of manufacturing lightweight glass containers, which is considered an innovation and is used only by leading specialized factories. By using state-of-the-art equipment, we have succeeded in reducing the weight of glass containers. For example, the weight of a regular half-liter bottle has dropped from 340-350 grams to 280-285 grams. This is a great advantage for both the beverage industry and for customers. Due to the smaller weight of glass containers and their durability, the cost of transporting the finished products is reduced, which has a positive effect on the price. At present, our products are in demand in neighboring Georgia and Russia. Representatives of the world-famous Georgian mineral water Borjomi purchased 3 million glass containers from the company in 2011-2012. This year, we plan to increase that figure to about 10 million-15 million units.

“At present, our products are in demand in neighboring Georgia and Russia."

What are the medium-term plans of your company?

Our main goal today is to provide consumers with quality glass containers. Furthermore, we intend to expand our production, start developing technologies to manufacture containers of colored glass on separate production lines, and to apply silkscreen paint, which will lend the finished product a nice decorative effect. There is a need for that. In the future, we will be able to fully meet the needs of domestic customers in this segment.