TBY talks to Kamil Aliyev, Director of AzVirt LLC, on its flagship projects, construction materials, and going international.

Kamil Aliyev
Born in 1961, Kamil Aliyev entered the Azerbaijan Civil Engineering Institute in 1978 and later continued his education in the All-Union Road Scientific Research Institute in Moscow. Between 1988 and 1991, he worked in the Azerbaijan Architecture and Engineering Scientific Research Institute, and later worked at Azeravtoyol, before joining AzVirt as General Manager in 1995. He is currently the Director of AzVirt LLC and the author of five inventions and three patents.

AzVirt LLC has grown from a family business to a major company handling large projects. What factors have driven the company's growth over the years?

Since its foundation in 1995, AzVirt LLC has proved to be one of the most reliable companies in Azerbaijan, as a result of the professionalism of its staff and our use of advanced technologies. The core business activities of our company consist of building and repairing roads and airport runways, and producing materials for road construction.

The best illustration of AzVirt LLC's story is the projects we have successfully handled over the years and the highly qualified employees we have. Currently, we have about 1,500 full-time employees, including German and Turkish specialists in road construction. Since our foundation, we have heavily invested in developing the skills of our staff through in-service staff training opportunities. And that has been palpable in the projects we have developed, because AzVirt LLC has been a very innovative company within the construction sector, bringing in new technologies, thanks in part to our German partner. We have achieved a lot during these years, and now account for about 30% of the market. Our aim is to continue in this direction.

What are some of AzVirt LLC's flagship projects?

All the projects we have developed over the years are very important for us, because our aim is to provide the highest level of quality in every single project we handle. AzVirt LLC has participated as a prime contractor in the implementation of numerous projects. Initially, the company focused its business activity basically in the capital, Baku city, and with time we were entrusted with the development of many important projects in Azerbaijan such as the construction of highways connecting different major cities to parts of country, the realization of projects in Ganja, Lankaran, and Zagatala, the access road to Heydar Aliyev International Airport and the expansion and modernization of its infrastructure, the reconstruction of Ganja International Airport, and the construction of the Gabala Airport. Quality, timing, and design set AzVirt LLC apart from its other competitors in the sector, and thanks to this quality our company has managed to gain the sector's trust.

What were the market factors that led AzVirt LLC to start producing construction materials?

AzVirt LLC has always aimed to put its special signature on its projects in terms of design and handing over the project within the time agreed. Therefore, setting up our own production facilities was a natural step along the company's growth curve; it allows us to rely on our own capacities and make our projects and finances more efficient. We currently produce 700,000-800,000 tons of asphalt per year, and we have a strong and solid production base, which includes asphalt machines made in Germany such as the WIBAU, with a capacity of 200 tons per hour, the LINTEC CSD 2500/5/50, at 160 tons per hour, the LINTEC CSD 1500/4, at 120 tons per hour, and the SIM CB 210, at 210 tons per hour. We also have stone crushing and screening machinery, foreign-made asphalt pavers, rollers, graders (the BMK–832 and BMK–280 models), dump trucks, milling machines, vehicles for bitumen transport and cement supply, loaders, and other specialized machinery for road construction.

What were the market factors that encouraged AzVirt LLC to go international?

In 2011, and for the first time in the company's history, we decided to expand our activities abroad because the company's current capacity and size enables us to do so. At the moment, we are developing infrastructure projects in Romania and Serbia, but we aim to expand our international portfolio and we are keen to take on projects in Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria. I would like to add that AzVirt LLC is the first Azerbaijani company to win an infrastructure project tender in any European country.