TBY talks to Mohammed Johmani, Managing Director of O2 Network, on the Media sector.

What does a company need in order to stand out in the UAE?

Remaining relevant is the main challenge our clients here and generally around the world face in their communication strategies. In order to remain relevant to their audiences, one must start with the type of content. Brands face questions about how they can gain a space in the market and invest, given the current takeover from social media in the communications world. Platforms such as Facebook enable anyone to add content and get data on who views that content. Thus, the answer to these questions lies in allocating money for content. This is how Careem moved from being a small fish in the UAE to competing with global players such as Uber. The company received millions in funding, spreading awareness across the region through Smart Think and sharing videos across the web using the right personality. The third aspect, and most the important, is using the right platform.

What challenges do brands face in the UAE?

Companies that have not adapted to the digital age face challenges, both internally and externally. Certain firms, such as Al Tayer, recently started to adapt an online platform and move toward e-commerce. Another critical aspect is how the government will adapt to this trend and incorporate savvy employees to build frameworks for smart cities.