Abu Dhabi 2019 | HEALTH | COLUMN

TBY talks to Robert Ball, CEO of National Ambulanceon, on the Heath sector.

Can you give us an overview of the work of the National Ambulance?

National Ambulance is predominantly owned by the Ministry of Interior, which holds 80% of its shares, while 20% is owned by Aspen Medical, an Australian medical company. When we started out in 2010, there were just two people in the company. After we were awarded our first contract, we were able to grow to a staff of about 140 people. In the seven years since, we have been able to grow our company to its current staff of 800. In terms of the services we provide, about 60% are public while 40% are private. There are three ambulance services in the country. In Abu Dhabi, they are provided as a section within the Abu Dhabi police. In Dubai, there is the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, a public body, and in the Northern Emirates we provide them.

What are the biggest opportunities in terms of future expansion?

There is a space for us to provide health services to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). We have helicopter services and have the only private medical helicopter in the UAE that flies missions almost every day and a half, making it the most highly used in the country.