Abu Dhabi 2019 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY taks to Muhammad Uzzam and Farid Khamis Al-Mazroui, Partners of Areed IT Services on the IT sector.

Muhammad Uzzam Farid Khamis Al-Mazroui

What key requirements do IT firms need to enter the UAE market?

Adoption and IT awareness even four to five years ago was not as high as it is now, and the economy had slowed because of oil prices. This fueled the need to provide different services to ensure constant revenue streams. Specialization can come only gradually. As such, the first phase of a firm's development might include a hardware department, providing computer repairs, CCTV cameras, security, and surveillance systems. On the software side, website design and digital marketing are two interesting and highly requested services. In order to maintain a competitive advantage, firms need to use data accurately to target the right customers at the right time with the right service or product.

What gaps do you see in the local IT market, and what will drive further demand?

Both in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, there is a huge potential for e-commerce, a segment we officially tapped into in August with the launch of Jmaali, an online health, beauty, and wellness platform. After studying the business model of Amazon, Alibaba, Groupon, and others, we realized we needed to learn how to better interact with vendors and customers.