Abu Dhabi 2019 | EDUCATION | COLUMN

TBY talks to Ali Bin Yahia, CEO of NETAQ E-Solutions on the Education sector.

How does SchoolVoice fill in the gaps left by the current education system, and what was the driving force behind its founding?

Schools are using impractical communication tools to connect with parents, but technological innovation is increasing the need to update strategies to match rapid changes our society is experiencing. During my entrepreneurial journey, I noticed that my tight schedule, business meetings, and appointments often get in the way of parents' meetings and staying updated on my child's academic progress. My need to be a better parent motivated me to look for a way to better communicate with the school. As a person in the tech industry, I thought, “Why not use tech to solve my problem?" SchoolVoice is a platform that simplifies the parent-school communication process. It closes the gap between working parents and schools, making parents like me feel better about by doing enough, and giving us a major role in getting involved in our child's development.

How does tech exposure at an early age impact a child's development?

Exposure to the right kind of tech with security and privacy controls are essential and can aid in a child's development if utilized properly. Knowledge and creativity are enhanced in several cases.