Abu Dhabi 2017 | DIPLOMACY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Manuel González Sanz, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica on the sector.

Manuel González Sanz

What was the significance of President Solís' visit to the UAE?

The visit set the tone for the initial chapter of relations between the UAE and Costa Rica. In recent months I have met with my Emirati counterpart, HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on five occasions, I have visited the Emirates three times before, and my counterpart visited Costa Rica in February 2016. With the visit of President Solís to the UAE we have sealed a relationship that looks to be both promising and enduring. During this visit we have opened our first embassy in the UAE, which represents a landmark in our bilateral relationship.

What objectives did you pursue during this visit?

We want the Emirates to look for opportunities in Costa Rica. Relations at the official level are as strong as they can be, and we want to encourage the business communities on both sides to try their chances in the UAE or Costa Rica. There are a number of opportunities for Emiratis to invest in Costa Rica, and we intend to be the Emirates' strategic partner in Central America and the Caribbean. We have an extensive network of trade agreements that can benefit companies that want to enter markets in this region.