Abu Dhabi 2017 | FINANCE | COLUMN

TBY talks to Galal A. Kulaib, Group CEO, Al Nahdha Investment, on the sector.

Galal A. Kulaib

What are Al Nahdha's major investments outside the UAE?

We are partners in several companies directly or indirectly through funds. As part of our private equity program we own significant stakes in companies based in the US and Europe. However, like most investment houses, we do not disclose ownership of companies unless it is already public.

What is your assessment of the current real estate industry in Abu Dhabi and where do you see the market going in 2017?

Real estate in Abu Dhabi as an industry remains intact regardless of what happens elsewhere in the world. It grew slowly over the years, and thus was protected from global turbulence and the downturn in demand. Abu Dhabi enjoys a stable correlation between supply and demand, hence keeping the latter at a healthy level. The laws in Abu Dhabi have remained consistent but are also updated at the right times to support landlords and the overall market as well as enhanced protection for tenants. There are many projects coming up in 2017 and we believe demand will remain stable, therefore we are in a good position. There is strong end-user demand, which is a great component for a stable real estate market.