Abu Dhabi 2017 | IT & MEDIA | COLUMN

TBY talks to Faisal Al Bannai, CEO, DarkMatter on the sector.

Faisal Al Bannai

How did DarkMatter get started and what have been the company's highlights along its two-year history?

The roots of DarkMatter date nearly 20 years back to our family business in the telecoms sector. After growing a fruitful company that was deeply involved with technology, we looked for new opportunities in relatively untouched industries in the UAE. We saw that cyber security held a lot of potential, and that countries in the Middle East were spending to counter the consequences of being unprotected from cyber threats, and with that a niche market began opening up.

What benefits have come with focusing on the Emirati market?

Most companies in our industry argue that it is a natural step to move operations to be headquartered in the US or Europe, but there are many advantages in this country. The UAE is a neutral, global player that maintains friendly relations with every nation in the world. It is well positioned in the middle of the booming markets in Asia and the economic powerhouses of Europe. We have also expanded our services through our R&D centers in Canada, China, and Finland, so we are becoming an international company based in the UAE.