Abu Dhabi 2017 | IT & MEDIA | COLUMN

TBY talks to Maryam Eid Al Mheiri, CEO, twofour54, on the sector.

Maryam Eid Al Mheiri

How is twofour54 reaching out to young talent to attract them into the zone and foster their creativity for the benefit of the ecosystem?

From the early days of twofour54, we have been very clear that the key to the sustainability of this sector is Emirati talent who understand what media is and who are passionate about it. Changing the perception of media as a viable career, against traditional choices in oil and gas, law, and medicine, has been one of the biggest challenges. We have worked hard to show the diversity and creativity of a career in media—creating digital processes, creating apps, working behind the camera, and storytelling. Our creative lab initiative offers both a physical space for creative projects as well as an online platform, with both serving to nurture upcoming talent for the industry.

How are you fostering cooperation with local and foreign private-sector players?

Connecting different parts of the industry value chain and enabling collaboration between public and private, local and foreign, is part of our role as the industry enabler in Abu Dhabi. To function and to be sustainable, the industry needs a mix of different companies and offerings and this is the type of media zone we are cultivating. The larger companies we bring into the twofour54 zone work as an anchor for talent, particularly freelancers, which stimulate the industry and create new jobs and the next generation of media businesses.