Abu Dhabi 2016 | DIPLOMACY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on the diplomacy sector.

Muhammadu Buhari

Abu Dhabi is progressively receiving the recognition it deserves as an important, if not the most important, renewable energy capital of the world. It is heartening that the wise leadership of the UAE has held onto this enduring legacy of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan through strategic investments like MASDAR and global partnerships in the field of sustainability. Abu Dhabi has consistently offered support in international action within this sphere. We appreciate the immense contribution worth hundreds of millions of dollars in energy aid to developing countries. Africa is already suffering from the consequences of climate change. In Nigeria, the drastic drying up of the Lake Chad to roughly 10% of its original size has had a huge negative impact on the livelihood of millions of people. Desert encroachment in far northern Nigeria threatens to alter the whole ecological balance of the sub-region. Constant and abrupt alteration between floods and droughts prove that climate change is real and a global approach and cooperation is vital if the human race is not to face disaster in the 21st century. In this, we see Abu Dhabi as a partner in the collective efforts to manage climate risks including the attainment of the sustainable development goals by 2030.