Abu Dhabi 2016 | ECONOMY | INTERVIEW

TBY talks to Ahmed Rahma Mohamed Al Masaood Al Mehairbi, Partner of Al Masaood Group, on strength through diversity and collaboration and driving development.

Ahmed Rahma Mohamed Al Masaood Al Mehairbi
Ahmed Rahma Mohamed Al Masaood Al Mehairbi was born in 1980, and is an Abu Dhabi native. Before entering the business in 2003 and subsequently taking over from his late father, he received a Masters in Business Management from Royal Holloway University of London. Ahmed Rahma is committed to green and environmentally friendly business practice.

How has Al Masaood Group's extensive and diversified portfolio worked to bring the company stability and security during this challenging economic period?

Diversification is a key component for survival in any economy. Most multinational companies make diversification a priority; likewise, Al Masaood Group has always placed great emphasis on this. We already have synergy between most world-renowned companies; for example, in the automotive industry we represent companies like Nissan, Renault, and Bridgestone and these business lines complement each other despite their differences. We have also diversified within the energy sector and the oil and gas industry. We served the oil and gas industry from the start of the UAE government in the late 1960s. We work to provide the best service and product lines to support the industry's development. We have diversified our operations in that sector by obtaining the latest technologies in close collaboration with top multinational companies. For example, in the oil and gas sector, Furmanite, originally a UK company, is now Al Masaood Furmanite. The company specializes in the latest marine technologies for the oil and gas industry.

How has the Group's long history in desalination and gas turbines set the tone for the company's success?

These industries play a major role in the UAE's economy as a whole, and specifically here in Abu Dhabi. It is one of our top priorities to keep the sector abreast with the latest technologies. Our emphasis is on the restructuring of these companies and the provision of after-sales service. Service is vitally important to the Al Masaood Group and we invest heavily in training. In the area of turbines we collaborate closely with John Brown, a company that has been operating for more than 40 years. This line of our business operates on a global scale and not just within the UAE.

What sectors are particularly exciting for the Al Masaood Group and how do you look to develop the group?

It is a difficult period at the moment; having said that, with every challenging period comes opportunities. There was a time everyone waited for opportunities but now it is all about creating opportunities and finding an opportunity. In the past, we faced similar turbulent periods and will undoubtedly face more in the future. The focus of our long-term goal is to have the most efficient strategic planning. We look at each and every entity and sector within the group and constantly reassess how we can refresh our operations and add more value. We do this by introducing new and complementary product lines and the latest technologies. We also invest heavily in building infrastructure that can act as a hub for the future developments of our business opportunities. What is exciting is renewable energy, solar power, the oil and gas industry, and any industry in particular that contributes to the development of UAE and the region since these industries have a role to play in the future of society as well.

What plans and goals does the group have specifically for 2016?

The primary objective within Al Masaood Group for 2016 is to tackle the obstacles ahead of us in the best and most efficient way possible. We remain committed to our investments in the UAE. For example, in February 2016 we officially opened KSB Al Masaood at Kizad. We aim to look at each entity and see how we can be more cost efficient and utilize our resources in the best way, in parallel with the plan put forward by the Abu Dhabi government for Vision 2030 and beyond. Part of our strategic plan has been to work in close collaboration with the UAE government in terms of building infrastructure and contributing to society.