Abu Dhabi 2016 | SPORTS | COLUMN

TBY talks to John Lickrish, CEO of FLASH Entertainment, on the sector.

John Lickrish

The Abu Dhabi tourism market is maturing, with growing numbers of visitors and visitor destinations. What role has FLASH played in this?

FLASH has worked closely with the Abu Dhabi government to make the capital city of the UAE the hub of entertainment for the region. Our events started in 2007 and to date we have 295 under our belt. We have been an integral part in building the infrastructure assets on Yas Island, which include the du Arena and du Forum. Placing Abu Dhabi on the entertainment map is one of our goals. We have worked with the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority since 2013 to co-create the Abu Dhabi Summer Season, a multi-month festival, which hosts several entertainment events that act as a catalyst for in-bound and local tourism. This year we hosted the Euro Cup Celebration, Jamie Raven, Fun Nation, Bollywood in the Capital and Arab Comedy Festival. FLASH also plays an important part in bringing the best sporting events to the region. The Mubadala World Tennis Championship is a must-attend yearly event since 2008, FIFA Club World Cup in 2010 and the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championships has been run and organized by FLASH since 2013.