Abu Dhabi 2016 | EDUCATION | COLUMN

TBY talks to BRENDAN LAW, Headmaster, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi and Director of Education, Tourism and Development Investment Corporation (TDIC), on the sector.

Brendan Law

How has Cranleigh Abu Dhabi achieved its prestigous position in just one year of operation?

In two words, it would be focus and commitment. From the very earliest days in this journey, we have had a clear vision of what excellence in education is and what we need to do to deliver it. It starts and stops with the children. Everything we do is designed to ensure we provide an outstanding educational experience both inside and outside the classroom. To complement our great location and high-quality facilities, we have succeeded in attracting a world-class team.

Does Cranleigh see itself as a school for expatriates or for UAE nationals?

We do not set any specific targets in terms of the breakdown of our student body. In many ways we allow the natural demographics of the region to take care of this and we treat children as individuals, bringing them in for who they are. We seek students who will immerse themselves in the school and take full advantage of the numerous opportunities available to them. What we are interested in is attracting students who will make the most of being at Cranleigh and we have been successful in that regard.