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Jaime Guerrero Ruiz

"We have a nationwide broadband plan targeting SMEs, as we know that many of them do not receive sufficiently high-speed internet."

Luis Felipe Henao Cardona

"We have implemented very important investments in drinking water infrastructure."

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Dr. Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu

"Financial inclusion is a very important part of our strategy."

Juan J. Nuccio

"The Canal needs to be maintained regularly, and we had a corporate agreement with the Panama Canal Authority since 2010."

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Francisco Gil Diaz

"Being the first to introduce innovations is a true advantage in this market."

Bader Bin Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Hammad

"I believe that the Saudi market is a promising market for all sectors and industries."

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Paulo Sousa

"I think momentum comes from both formerly unbanked clients and those switching banks."

Otto O. Wolfschoon, Jr.

"Bancarization has grown in Panama, and is at a high level compared with the rest of Latin America."

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Wolfgang Goetsch

"Julius Berger’s commitment to Nigeria is one of the greatest strengths."

Francisco De Paula Gómez

"I think it is important to provide objective and reasonable arguments to the current debate in the health sector."

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