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Francisco Gil Díaz

"Perhaps one of the most important reforms concerns allowing foreign firms full ownership of a fixed line operator."

Ahmad M. Bin Shafar

"If everything goes according to plan, this market will give us the opportunity to double our capacity by 2018."

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Dr. Makram Sader

"Promoting the Lebanese banking sector is very important in order to have a robust industry."

Raja Almarzoqi

"The IMF sees investment in public infrastructure as key to accelerating growth."

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The Hon. Federica Guidi

"Italian FDIs in Saudi Arabia fall mainly under two sectors; infrastructure and energy."

Ing. Augusto Espín Tobar

"We investigate potential new operators that might enter the Ecuadorian market."

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Maria Clara Choucair

"When we first started, we practically had to figure out the way of doing this job."

Abdul Mohamed Waked Fares

"We have operations in almost all Central American and some South American markets."

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Mario A. Romero Orozco

"We are always looking for growth opportunities that add value."

Fermin Fautsch

"We would like to see more European companies, in particular SMEs, using Malaysia as a hub to ASEAN."

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