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Latest Interviews

Professor Javier Yáñez

"Our Master’s in Environmental Management is recognized in Eduniversal’s university ranking as the best in Latin America."

Youssef Ezzikhe

"In 2012, we started building a huge warehouse in Sohar, which was completed in early 2013."

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Aimeé Sentmat de Grimaldo

"Bancolombia’s business vision promotes a more human banking model."

Adam Prince

"We’ve formed a consortium to develop a joint LNG project."

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Claudia Robledo

"CREA’s objective is to structure successful commercial projects, thus filling a gap in the market."

HE Abdalla Salem El-Badri

"For OPEC, the main focus will continue to be on trying to ensure the market is stable and balanced."

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HE Nadir A. Al Hammadi

"Offshore is our bread and butter; this is what we have done for years."

Jaime Menor Escavias de Carvajal

"Every company has taught me something about internet usage and behavior."

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Ahmad M. Bin Shafar

"Dubai is searching for green solutions to reduce the Emirate’s carbon footprint and to focus on the push toward clean energy."

Khalid Yousef Abdulla Al-Subeai

"The majority of our customers are corporate, which has been our main catalyst for growth over the last five years."

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