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Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al Fahim

"Currently, there are 52 Paris Gallery stores in the Gulf and MENA region."

Yolanda Rojas de Bernal

"We have a number of international partnerships with clubs in Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, and several other countries."

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Tod A. Laursen

"Our first opportunity to really contribute to the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 is through human capital development."

Amb. Ombeni Y. Sefue

"We strongly believe that the government should be more open to its citizens."

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Jacob Zuma

"Africa looks forward to the expansion of trade as well as inward investment into its myriad investment opportunities with the GCC."

Alberto Diamond R.

"There have been changes throughout the year, with new players entering the banking sector and some exiting it."

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Eduardo Enrique Ortiz Arango

"Fortunately, the attitude of the Colombian entrepreneur is one of a willingness to take risks and chances."

Chris Breeze

"Right from the outset, we have driven high health and safety standards in all of our joint ventures."

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Dr. Mercedes Juan

"I have been part of the evolution of generic medications in Mexico."

Issa A.S. Abu Issa

"We have divided our business into five sectors; real estate, technology, retail, construction, and oil and gas."

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