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Latest Interviews

Antonio Nacif Kuri

"We are planning for growth in exports, and an expanded presence in other countries through acquisitions in the US and the EU."

Samson Longwe

"In terms of regulation, the government reviewed our license fees downward in order for the ICT sector to penetrate more markets."

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Pelegrín Castillo Semán

"The energy sector in the Dominican Republic must undergo major changes, especially in the electricity subsector."

Sergio Prada

"Certification has become a way of life for us, as everything is strictly controlled."

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Andrew Smith

"I believe there is continuing opportunity and optimism in the foreseeable future."

Dr. Yerzhan Mufilov

"We are investing notably in oncology and in new diagnostic systems."

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Saif Al Qubaisi

"The smart grid group looks at many things to do with optimizing the distribution network grid."

Cecilia Álvarez-Correa

"We need to generate further added value for Colombian products and services."

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Khalifa Khalid Al Rabban

"We have three main activities, the first being FMCGs."

Simon Everest

"The room for growth is endless at the moment."

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