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Dr. Amat Taap Manshor

"Every stakeholder dealing with us will benefit somehow, for example the regulators."

HE Alejandro J. García Padilla

"Recent studies show that as regional economies expand, so too does Puerto Rico’s presence in their trade balance."

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Lord Livingston

"The UK and Oman enjoy excellent economic and trade relations built on deep foundations of friendship and trust."

Miguel A. Soto

"Our Master Bartender Academy has trained over 300 bartenders across Mozambique in responsible drinking."

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Augusto Claux

"Lima is the capital and most people live and work in the city, but now there is no more land available downtown."

Randa Bessiso

"Education and education institutions will play a key role, especially when it comes to innovation and research."

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Rodrigo Vásquez

"We plan to open a third base in the Yucatán Peninsula to connect the Mexican Mayan world to other Caribbean destinations."

İsmet Yılmaz

"We are working hard to be one of the major global suppliers."

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Tamara Duisenova

"The human factor is incredibly important in our field of work."

Ali Vezvaei

"It is a stable business environment, with well-established infrastructure and systematically developed processes."

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