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Latest Interviews

Mohamed J. Jaidah

"We have a very exciting future ahead of us."

Eva Walder

"Despite instability in parts of the Middle East over the past few years, the UAE stands out as being stable."

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Claire Mateus Zimba

"SMEs are a rapidly emerging sector, and these companies are the primary employers in Mozambique."

Gbenga Kuye

"My strategy is based on facts, not on hope."

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Ninoska Francina Marte de Tiburcio

"Our rating was upgraded from BBB- to BBB."

Shigeo Katsu

"We started off establishing ourselves by entering into strategic partnerships with top-class international universities."

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Mike Douglas

"We operate in high-risk environments because we feel that a lot of those environments have the biggest opportunities."

HE Dr. Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al-Assaf

"Government spending has supported growth in the non-oil economy."

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Felix Valentine

"The Nigerian oil and gas industry will drive the economy in terms of the opportunities we can create."

Francisco Elizondo

"Colombia is self sufficient in gas production but is not in a position, in my opinion, to export gas."

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