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Tord André Lien

"In the European context, a low-hanging fruit for CO2-reduction is replacing coal with gas in power generation."

Ahmed Mahboob Musabih

"Dubai has become a hotspot of GCC trade due to the efficacy of customs services and advanced logistics infrastructure."

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James Chona

"If the Zambian market continues to grow as it has been, we expect to enter the second quarter on positive growth across all sectors."

Ronald Souto

"The transition from a technology into a service company cannot happen overnight."

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Alberto Caballero Brousset

"The public sector has the most potential because our company is geared toward providing better healthcare to populations."

Adnan Kassar

"Fransabank Group’s expansion strategy is focused on consolidating and streamlining activities."

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Rosalba Montoya Pereira

"In general terms, the greatest demand is for companies that provide services."

Raja Teh Maimunah Raja Abdul Aziz

"We won a prestigious award in Washington for a sukuk, which was a cross-border transaction."

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Ricardo Quiroga

"My main objective has been to implement initiatives to decelerate the global decay of postal services."

Raeed Al-Tamimi

"I believe that awareness is growing at a rapid rate at the moment."

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