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Paulo Sousa

"I think momentum comes from both formerly unbanked clients and those switching banks."

Otto O. Wolfschoon, Jr.

"Bancarization has grown in Panama, and is at a high level compared with the rest of Latin America."

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Wolfgang Goetsch

"Julius Berger’s commitment to Nigeria is one of the greatest strengths."

Francisco De Paula Gómez

"I think it is important to provide objective and reasonable arguments to the current debate in the health sector."

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Edwin Chávez Zavala

"For Siemens, it is vital to take part in Ecuador’s largest infrastructure projects."

Tamer Özmen

"Microsoft is viewed as an innovation leader in the market."

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Ziad El Chaar

"Dubai is one of the best areas for second homes, vacation homes, weekend homes, and recreation homes."

Carlos A. Samudio Calvo

"The insurance industry has improved, increasing by around 9% in 2013."

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Fréderic García

"When we invest in a country, many of our suppliers are keen to invest as well."

Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Bin Fahad

"We are aware of the importance of our marine wealth."

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