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Latest Interviews

Renzo Ricci Cocchella

"There is a huge market in Peru for investment in infrastructure in different sectors."

José Gabriel Cano Hernández

"Our business strategies include our presence in Peru, Panama, and in Central America within the next few years. "

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Javier Gallardo

"In 2013, we became the Panamanian bank with the largest percentage growth in terms of assets, deposits, and results."

Jason Kazilimani, Jr.

"Our strategic objectives revolve around quality, profitability, growth and people development."

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James Alix Michel

"The relationship between Seychelles and the UAE, and Abu Dhabi especially, is a beautiful partnership."

Daniel Murray

"There has been a spiking development in Mozambique’s downstream industry."

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Dr. Mahmoud Yamany

"One of the obstacles KFMC has to overcome is the recruitment of the appropriate workforce."

Khalifa Al Barwani

"According to our information, 2015 has already been a major challenge."

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Luis Gilberto García Guevara

"In terms of the automotive cargo business, we are currently one of the leaders."

Daud Vicary Abdullah

"The message is clear: Islamic finance is here to stay."

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