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  • Professor Dato' Dr. Mohd Amin Jalaludin

    Vice-Chancellor, the University of Malaya (MALAYSIA)

    "The University of Malaya is the oldest in Malaysia, is well respected, and is ranked first among the finest local universities."

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  • HE Mohammad Machnouk

    Minister of Environment, Lebanon (LEBANON)

    "In 2009, the government of Lebanon committed to achieving 12% renewable energy in its energy mix by 2020."

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  • Tord André Lien

    Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Norway (UAE, ABU DHABI)

    "In the European context, a low-hanging fruit for CO2-reduction is replacing coal with gas in power generation."

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  • Ahmed Mahboob Musabih

    Director, Dubai Customs (UAE, DUBAI)

    "Dubai has become a hotspot of GCC trade due to the efficacy of customs services and advanced logistics infrastructure."

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  • James Chona

    Business Leader (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique), Samsung (ZAMBIA)

    "If the Zambian market continues to grow as it has been, we expect to enter the second quarter on positive growth across all sector..."

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  • Ronald Souto

    Country General Manager, Xerox (ECUADOR)

    "The transition from a technology into a service company cannot happen overnight."

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  • Alberto Caballero Brousset

    President and General Director Latin America and Caribbean, Carestream (MEXICO)

    "The public sector has the most potential because our company is geared toward providing better healthcare to populations."

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  • Adnan Kassar

    Chairman and CEO, Fransabank (LEBANON)

    "Fransabank Group’s expansion strategy is focused on consolidating and streamlining activities."

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  • Rosalba Montoya Pereira

    Andean Regional Director, Manpower Group (COLOMBIA)

    "In general terms, the greatest demand is for companies that provide services."

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  • Raja Teh Maimunah Raja Abdul Aziz

    CEO, Hong Leong Islamic Bank (MALAYSIA)

    "We won a prestigious award in Washington for a sukuk, which was a cross-border transaction."

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Qatar 2015

Game To Play

The slide in oil prices has many worried across the region, yet Qatar remains well tethered thanks to abundant natural gas resources and prudent fiscal management.

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Dominican Republic 2015

On The Right Path

There is no doubt that a decade of political stability has provided the fertile economic environment for sustainable growth and national development.

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Oman 2015

SME, Myself, & Oman

Growth remains robust in Oman, with high government spending and a number of megaprojects keeping spirits high over 2014.

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Nigeria 2015

Heavy Hitter

The “super eagle” economy of Africa is beginning to spread its wings, and enhanced attention to energy and transport could see economic growth approach double-digit figures in the medium term.

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Tanzania 2015

The Golden Ticket?

Inflation has dropped dramatically over the past year, but a widening current account deficit continues to underline external vulnerability. The discovery of significant gas reserves, however, could be a much-needed shot in the arm.

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Lebanon 2014

Resilient, as always

Lebanon has succeeded in finding opportunities in a region in strife, with hope that the new government will inject fresh confidence into the market and investors.

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Zambia 2014

In Safe Hands

The Bank of Zambia did battle with inflation in 1H2014, while GDP growth looks set to speed up again over the full year following a poor harvest in 2013.

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Ecuador 2014

¡Viva La Revolución!

In a transformed political environment, Ecuador’s economy is thriving, though major potential remains to be exploited efficiently.

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Panama 2014

A Man, A Plan, A Canal

While the widening of the Panama Canal, set for completion in 2015, will be a significant boon for the country, Panama is far from a one-trick pony.

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Mexico 2014

Eagle Alights

Democratic, social, and institutional reform was the theme of 2013, taking place against a backdrop of slow but steady GDP growth.

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UAE, Dubai 2014

Can Do Will

Dubai posted another solid GDP growth figure in 2013, with the successful World Expo 2020 bid being the icing on the cake.

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Saudi Arabia 2014

A Giant Stirs

Robust non-oil growth, coupled with keen labor reforms, ensured solid growth over 2014, and lays a solid foundation for the future.

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Colombia 2014

One of These Days

Crude oil production was intensified to over 1 million bopd in 2013, though unstable prices on the global market reinforced the need for a diversified economy and a reduced reliance on the country’s massive resource reserves.

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Dominican Republic 2014

Warming Up

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Kazakhstan 2014

Consumed by Growth

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UAE, Abu Dhabi 2014

New Economic Foundations

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Turkey 2014

Virtuous Cycle

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Azerbaijan 2014

More Good News

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Mozambique 2014

Abundance Uncovered

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Qatar 2014

Treading the Boards

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