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  • Diego Martinez V.

    President of the Board, Banco Central del Ecuador (BCE) (ECUADOR)

    "The goal of our government is to promote a change in how the country produces goods and services."

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  • José Luis Cabal Sanclemente

    General Manager, Constructora Meléndez (COLOMBIA)

    "PPPs are a great tool to promote the development of infrastructure projects."

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  • Adebola Akindele

    Group Managing Director, Courteville Business Solutions (CBS) (NIGERIA)

    "We have about 200 staff within the company, but we indirectly employ about 10,000 people across Nigeria."

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  • Tomás Grávalos

    CEO, Pirelli Mexico (MEXICO)

    "In 2015 Formula 1 will return to Mexico City, we will of course be a major sponsor of the event, and plan to use our visibility to..."

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  • Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal

    Secretary of Economy, Mexico (MEXICO)

    "The TPP is the most important and ambitious multilateral trade framework that exists internationally for its coverage of products."

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  • José Antonio Marante

    General Manager, Microsoft (PANAMA)

    "Over the past three years, we have increased our revenues significantly."

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  • Roberto Hinestrosa Rey

    Dean of the School of Finance, Government & International Relations, the Universidad Externado de Colombia (COLOMBIA)

    "Social sciences and economics are solid subjects in Colombia, and are certainly a part of the tradition of our university."

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  • Anar Mammadov

    Chairman of the Board, Garant Holding (AZERBAIJAN)

    "Azerbaijan is a country with a range of available opportunities and conditions for the development of entrepreneurship."

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  • Luis Pelembe

    Minister of Science and Technology, Mozambique (MOZAMBIQUE)

    "Countries that are economically developed today are like this because they invested in science and technological innovation."

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  • Professor Javier Yáñez

    Dean, Universidad de Los Andes School of Management (COLOMBIA)

    "Our Master’s in Environmental Management is recognized in Eduniversal’s university ranking as the best in Latin America."

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