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  • Salimo Amad Abdula

    President & Chairman, Intelec Holdings (MOZAMBIQUE)

    "Intelec Holding’s focus is on creating and exploring local opportunities."

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  • Samson Longwe

    Managing Director, Realtime (ZAMBIA)

    "In terms of regulation, the government reviewed our license fees downward in order for the ICT sector to penetrate more markets."

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  • Pelegrín Castillo Semán

    Minister of Energy and Mining, Dominican Republic (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)

    "The energy sector in the Dominican Republic must undergo major changes, especially in the electricity subsector."

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  • Sergio Prada

    General Manager, Bridgestone (COLOMBIA)

    "Certification has become a way of life for us, as everything is strictly controlled."

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  • Andrew Smith

    CEO, RAK National Insurance (UAE, DUBAI)

    "I believe there is continuing opportunity and optimism in the foreseeable future."

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  • Dr. Yerzhan Mufilov

    Area General Manager, Kazakhstan, Central Asia & Mongolia, GSK (KAZAKHSTAN)

    "We are investing notably in oncology and in new diagnostic systems."

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  • Saif Al Qubaisi

    Director General, the Regulation & Supervision Bureau (RSB) (UAE, ABU DHABI)

    "The smart grid group looks at many things to do with optimizing the distribution network grid."

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  • Cecilia Álvarez-Correa

    Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Colombia (COLOMBIA)

    "We need to generate further added value for Colombian products and services."

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  • Khalifa Khalid Al Rabban

    Deputy Chairman, Al Rabban Holding (QATAR)

    "We have three main activities, the first being FMCGs."

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  • Simon Everest

    Country Manager, Coca-Cola Sabco (MOZAMBIQUE)

    "The room for growth is endless at the moment."

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Mexico 2014

Eagle Alights

Democratic, social, and institutional reform was the theme of 2013, taking place against a backdrop of slow but steady GDP growth.

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Saudi Arabia 2014

A Giant Stirs

Robust non-oil growth, coupled with keen labor reforms, ensured solid growth over 2014, and lays a solid foundation for the future.

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Colombia 2014

One of These Days

Crude oil production was intensified to over 1 million bopd in 2013, though unstable prices on the global market reinforced the need for a diversified economy and a reduced reliance on the country’s massive resource reserves.

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Dominican Republic 2014

Warming Up

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Kazakhstan 2014

Consumed by Growth

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UAE, Abu Dhabi 2014

New Economic Foundations

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Turkey 2014

Virtuous Cycle

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Azerbaijan 2014

More Good News

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Mozambique 2014

Abundance Uncovered

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Qatar 2014

Treading the Boards

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Tanzania 2014

Natural Bounty

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Oman 2014

To Diversification & Beyond

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